Hello! And thank you for inquiring about Michstory Tours. I recently created this tour company while taking care of my brother with hospice care in my own home. After losing all three of my siblings and having more time at home during the Covid-19 pandemic I have had time to think about what is most important in our lives and how I wish to spend the rest of my life!

I have spent the past 28 years working in the museum field. The first ten years were spent honoring the daily life of how most people in America were living as farmers. Working as a lead of living history programs for Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan allowed me to "live" the life of a farmer from eras spanning from the 1750s to the turn of the century. It allowed me to step into my ancestors shoes and experience the day to day life that they experienced.

Then I became Marketing Manager for the Automotive Hall of Fame when it just opened to the public. I was then exposed to the history of the auto industry of which my own grandfather moved off the farm to participate in.

For the past 19 years I directed the Macomb County Historical Society and Crocker House Museum. While there I steeped myself into the local history of Macomb County, Michigan and its famous Mineral Bath Era.

But, all the while there was one constant thread that remained and continued since 1994 and that was to teach American Mourning and Funeral Customs and host Cemetery Walks. I have enjoyed the honor of helping many other institutions and historical sites create their own Cemetery Walk with the use of having reenactors tell the stories of the individuals who were part of their community. It is the one thing that truly stands out throughout the years of working in the field of history. And it all sums up to PEOPLE! It is the people, not objects, that are truly the gems of each community. Its sad that often these gems are not truly seen for their value while they are alive and with us. So, its my hope that this tour company can help people realize that they have their own story that is worth preserving and telling. And that each of us are important to each-other even if we have never met. In some way or another we connect. Even through time that connection remains. Something from everyone is left behind for the next generation.

So, with all that said, whew, .....I hope you join me in discovering the stories of the people of this wonderful and beautiful state of Michigan. And, I hope that through these journeys you are inspired to realize your value and worth to the greater community of Michigan. Everyone has a story worth telling.

Please join me in looking forward and past this time of pandemic in planning interesting and fun adventures together.